Carnotaurus has ended up a pretty famous dinosaur due to how weird it is. Its skull is narrow, deep, and very short. It has two horns over its eyes, and unlike the crests of other theropods, they're short and thick. While display is a likely use as with other theropods, they may have also been used in headbutting.

This weird head was placed atop a muscular neck. Its arms are, like other abelisaurids, absurdly tiny. The forearm is only a quarter of the size of the upper arm, the fingers are fused and only to actually have finger bones. The arms show a level of vestigiality comparable to emus. Its legs are relatively long, and its leg and tail muscles are huge, indicative of a powerful runner.

Carnotaurus's skull shows a mosaic of feaures useful for hunting either smaller or larger prey items, including high jaw flexibility, a high bite force, and a strong skull. The weird skull has a rugged texture, and the only known fossil has extensive skin impressions, showing much of its body was covered by bumpy scales.

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Scientific name
Carnotaurus sastrei

La Colonia Formation
Chubut, Argentina

72-70 Ma; Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)

8-9 meters (26-30 feet)

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