Ouranosaurus is an iguanodont most notable for being the subject of many hump day jokes. Going down the back and tail, its hump is formed by tall neural spines padded with muscle and fat, similar to the hump of a bison. The purpose of this sail is unclear, but fat storage is likely.

Like its earlier relative Iguanodon, each hand has a thumb spike. Its legs are stocky and not built for running. Even with the hump on its back, it is able to stand and walk bipedally. It probably wasn't a fussy eater, consuming a wide variety of plants in the swampy river deltas it lived in.

A small herd of Ouranosaurus share the African Swamp exhibit with Nigersaurus. They get along well.

Scientific name
Ouranosaurus nigeriensis

Elrhaz Formation
Agadez, Niger

125-112 Ma; Early Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian)

7-8.3 meters (23-27 feet)