Education Programs

Aspiring Paleontological Prodigies Program

The AP^3 program is located in the Anning Paleontological Museum. Children ages 4 to 12 can drop in, get firsthand encounters with our animal ambassadors, and learn the importance of awareness about earth’s past, conservation, and the environment. People of all ages can still drop in and meet our animal ambassadors.

Fossil Hunting Programs

Team up with Huxley Paleozoo’s associates in England, Brazil, Canada, and the United States and help contribute to some science! Research institutions in these countries organize fossil-hunting expeditions, and through us you can join them. Spend grueling often-fruitless days searching for fossils alongside paleontologists. Not recommended for anyone who has better things to do with their time.

Reintroduction Field Work

Team up with members of the IDEA and its associates in Australia, Canada, Russia, Argentina, and the United States and assist the de-extinction effort! Volunteers can survey populations of rare, invasive, and reintroduced species, and, if you’re qualified, directly assist reintroduction. Your data will help researchers restore earth’s remaining habitat to what it used to be.

Lectures, Talks, and Presentations

The Museum’s Ostrom Hall is host to many lectures, talks and presentations by esteemed scientists and educators. Whether you’re in high school or about to get a Ph.D., there’ll probably be a talk for you. Admission is often free; depending on the lecture, a fee of up to $20 may be levied. Check our events calendar for upcoming talks.

Teacher Resources

We are happy to provide educational resources for any teacher who wants them, from kindergarten to college (at grad school we draw the line). Our class programs range from fun activities to gruelingly high-stake tests. Contact us for more information.

Online Resources

For those wishing to learn more at home, there are several resources online one can look at.

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