Trails & Gardens

We have more than just animals here! As plants were around in prehistory, it'd be wrong to fully exclude them. As well as some plants in our other exhibits, we have these specialized paleobotanical exhibits:

The First Plants
This building houses plants from the Silurian and Devonian, including some of the first plants to colonize land, like the popular Cooksonia. Nearby, one can see some of the most surreal organisms ever to evolve - Prototaxites, giant spires of fungus.

Conifers are some of the most recognizable trees present in the Mesozoic. This area explores the great diversity of conifers from the Carboniferous onwards, and even to today.

Hell Creek Trail
Near the animals from the Hell Creek Formation, you can meander down a secluded pathway surrounded by plants present in the Hell Creek formation. This relaxing walk is a nice break from the business at the nearby animal exhibits.

House of Bennettitales
Bennettitales are an extinct group of plants with unusual leaf patterns and reproductive structures eerily similar to flowers. This small greenhouse sheds some limelight on these unusual plants.

Jurassic Path
This arid, hilly area showcases various plants from the Jurassic. Plants from early Jurassic Arizona, late Jurassic Tanzania, and late Jurassic Utah can be found in different sections on this path. You can also get spectacular views of Vista View from this trail.