The Review
This vehicle-guided tour runs continuously and stops at Huxley’s major attractions, saving your time and feet from the walks you’d need to traverse otherwise. If you want to see all the best of what Huxley has to offer in a limited time frame, this is for you. Every day throughout the day.

Weirdness of the Past
Prehistory gets pretty weird at times - and this tour visits some of the weirdest. From the bat-winged Yi to gorilla horses, pug-snouted crocodiles to Deinocheirus, meet the oddest of what we have at Huxley.
Saturdays and Sundys at 2:00 PM; 1-2 hours.

Chronological Tour
This tour takes you through time. Starting at the aquarium, your guide will explain the history and evolutionary patterns of life on earth, as you visit animals in roughly chronological order, culminating with a special meetup opportunity with a recently extinct animal.
Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30 AM; 2-3 hours.

Behind the Scenes Tour - General Zoo
This guided tour takes you behind-the-scenes to see how we care for our animals. See off-exhibit areas behind two randomly-chosen exhibits, have a special meetup with an animal, and learn what goes into keeping Huxley Paleozoo’s animals happy and healthy.
Every day at 1:00 PM; 1-2 hours.

Behind the Scenes Tour - Gladiators
See for yourself how we care for some of our most famous dinosaurs! Watch how we prepare their specialized diets, and see how we keep the more belligerent individuals entertained with our special jousting equipment. Prepare for an up-close visit with some of our Thyreophorans!
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00 PM; 1 hour.

Behind the Scenes Tour - Aquarium
Want to know the inner machinations of an aquarium? This tour is for you! Learn about what keeps the aquarium up and running, including visits to the food prep kitchen, the pump rooms, and the platforms where we feed - and greet - our marine reptiles.
Monday-Friday at 12:00 PM; 1 hour.

Behind the Scenes Tour - Genetics
ARE YA READY TO LEARN ABOUT GENETICS? Enter our state-of-the-art genetics facility to see how our animals were created, and see how we use genetic engineering and actual DNA to create organisms. Learn all about the steps we take from strands of DNA to a baby organism.
Saturdays (dependent on if the geneticists are up for it that day) at 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM; 1 hour.